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My name is Matt Genovese, and I’ve spent my 27 year engineering career in high-tech product development across hardware and software solutions. I am the founder and CEO of Planorama.

Planorama Design is a software requirements + user experience (UX/UI) design professional services company. We partner with businesses to hone complex product requirements, designing software and IoT products to be simple and intuitive to use. Moreover, our services accelerate those products to release, de-risk market acceptance, and reduce your internal development costs. Our team has a strong technical acumen with unique experience designing complex B2C and B2B enterprise SaaS solutions in education, semiconductors & hardware, EDA, energy, and AI.

Planorama Labs, our R&D division, is focused on exploration and experimentation with advanced technologies, with a particular focus in EDA, IoT, and generative AI. Stemming from our research, we create both solutions and IP that accelerate innovations to market. See our flagship product, Sinfonia and Sinfonia Digital.

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