Dev-Ready Product Documentation

At Planorama, our experience shows that precision requirements documentation drive efficient software development. We author your product requirements in complete, organized user stories that serve as clear, ready-to-develop internal product documentation. These pair one-to-one with our high-fidelity UX designs, ensuring that developers can swiftly translate designed features into both frontend and backend code.

As a client, you receive and own this comprehensive product documentation that you can use to quickly inform and integrate new product team members or even entire development teams. This clarity and organization returns valuable time to your product managers, enabling them to focus more on customer engagement and market insights rather than day-to-day development Q&A.

The Narrative paints a picture of what the user wants to accomplish, and therefore what problem we are solving.
Acceptance Criteria informs developers, quality assurance, and stakeholders what specifically users can do to achieve their goal.
Scenarios walk us through the steps that users will perform to use the feature. These steps are tightly aligned to the UX design, and therefore we embed our designs right with the scenarios.
Download an example user storypicture_as_pdf
Download an example user storypicture_as_pdf

Software style guide

As Planorama creates your application design, we document reusable components and establish a cohesive aesthetic in a rigorous style guide. This ensures a consistent and professional look that is seamless throughout your user interface. Our style guide serves not only as a guide for current development but also as a foundational tool for future scaling and updates.

By optimizing development with our dev-ready user story documentation and high-fidelity UX designs, our approach not only accelerates the product launch process but also minimizes the need for revisions, driving the overall speed to market.

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