Strategic Test Guidance and Documentation

Planorama views software quality as a critical component of the user experience. We write test cases that enable you to catch bugs.  Catching bugs before they reach your customers is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your brand and the satisfaction of your users. By addressing issues early we also save you development resources.

Complete test cases for every user story

For each feature designed and every user story crafted, we document a comprehensive suite of human-readable test cases. These guide developers and QA teams in constructing robust unit and functional tests. Our detailed test cases encompass positive scenarios, boundary conditions, and negative cases, guaranteeing that each feature functions reliably under all circumstances, including unexpected inputs.

Proactive test strategy

Our deep collaboration with your team is paramount, particularly when integrating emerging AI technologies like LLMs. Working together, we develop a comprehensive test strategy that identifies and mitigates potential issues early on. Planorama’s strategic support for your software testing enhances the overall quality of your software, ensuring that new integrations and functionalities perform as intended.

Design QA testing

Our UX designers conduct rigorous reviews of the final software implementations to ensure they adhere to the original requirements. We strive for precision, aiming for each element to align exactly with the envisioned product. This meticulous attention to detail minimizes accidental deviations that could adversely impact the user experience.

Human-readable test case documentation is crafted for every user story.
Positive and negative test cases ensure each of the acceptance criteria is tested in QA.
Download an example test casepicture_as_pdf
Download an example test casepicture_as_pdf

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