Software Quality through Testing

Software bugs during development are inevitable, but when your users find them in production, even just one can ruin their experience and affect your brand.  We see software quality as a user experience issue, with the byproduct of saving you money by catching them early.

Design QA Testing

As features are developed by the software team, our UI/UX designers review the final implementation to make sure it adheres to the original design and intent.  Pixel perfection is the always the goal.

Complete Test Cases for Every User Story

As we design each feature and write the corresponding user stories, we also document a suite of human-readable test cases for developers and QA to build unit and/or functional test cases.  When implemented by your development and QA team, our positive, boundary, and negative test cases ensure each feature is guaranteed to function, even when unexpected input is received.

Human-readable test case documentation is crafted for every user story.
Positive and negative test cases ensure each of the acceptance criteria is tested in QA.
Download an example test casepicture_as_pdf
Download an example test casepicture_as_pdf

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