UX is not pretty picture design. It's system design.
Planorama Labs

Planorama Labs is our research & development arm at Planorama, focusing on exploration and experimentation in advanced technologies, including areas with a heavy slant in engineering and AI. Here are some advanced system projects we are working on:

OpenROAD Cloud

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is a class of very technical enterprise software used by engineers to design chips. Traditionally, commercial EDA tools are expensive and only within reach of companies with a large scale business case and significant funding. The OpenROAD project is an industry-supported effort out of the UC San Diego VLSI CAD Laboratory to democratize hardware design to drastically lower the barriers of cost and expertise to take chips from design in RTL to layout with “no human in the loop”. We are driving the efforts for OpenROAD Cloud: a first-of-its-kind SaaS solution for managing the RTL-to-GDSII processes via a web browser.

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In recent years, artificial intelligence research has coincided with access to high-performance general purpose + DSP compute, yielding rather unprecedented capabilities available to the masses. We see adversarial networks and transformers as research areas ripe for exploration, helping to solve real personal and business challenges. Our free User Story Generator web application help us research and evaluate how AI can support product enablement.


Product development teams employ many types of software tools during the course of a project to stay organized, from design and code management to tracking milestones and timelines towards achieving their business goals. At Planorama Design, we thrive on keeping our UX design and documentation deliverables organized for our clients, and most importantly, for the downstream development teams who need clear requirements to build the product.

We are building our own application – Sinfonia, to help product development teams stay organized when it comes to their source of truth for the products they build. Stay tuned.

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