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At Planorama Labs, our team of seasoned product and technical experts have dug deeply into the latest advancements in AI, electronic design automation and semiconductor design, to name a few. Our R&D mission is to accelerate our experience with pioneering sophisticated technologies and systems that keep your products in the forefront. Below, we showcase some of our most groundbreaking projects, highlighting our commitment to setting new standards for advanced software design and leading industry innovation.

Below, we showcase some of our most groundbreaking projects, highlighting our commitment to setting new standards for advanced software design and leading industry innovation.

OpenROAD Cloud

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is a class of highly technical enterprise software used by engineers to design chips. Traditionally, commercial EDA tools are expensive and only within reach of companies with a large scale business case and significant funding. The OpenROAD project is an industry-supported effort out of the UC San Diego VLSI CAD Laboratory to democratize hardware design to drastically lower the barriers of cost and expertise to take chips from design in RTL to layout with “no human in the loop”. We spearheaded the efforts for OpenROAD Cloud: a first-of-its-kind SaaS solution for managing the RTL-to-GDSII processes via a web browser.

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Launched in 2022, our free generative AI application aimed to assist product managers and teams with brainstorming and elaboration of product requirements. This was used as a learning vehicle for our subsequent product, Sinfonia (below).


  • User Story Generator, our free application launched in 2022 that assists product managers with initial feature brainstorming and user story narrative creation.


Product development teams employ many types of software tools during the course of a project to stay organized, from design and code management to tracking milestones and timelines towards achieving their business goals. At Planorama Design, we thrive on keeping our UX design and documentation deliverables organized for our clients, and most importantly, for the downstream development teams who need clear requirements to build the product.

Our solution – Sinfonia, ensures product development teams stay organized when it comes to their source of truth for the products they build.


  • Sinfonia, our original SaaS offering for product teams to collaboratively manage, elaborate, scope, and share software product solution requirements within a product team
  • Sinfonia Digital, a related research effort for managing hardware design requirements and functional verification test plans

In collaboration with Seitzler Strategies, we leveraged our AI expertise to develop Aimee (Artificial Intelligence Media Evaluation Engine), a powerful solution designed to analyze and measure media content comprehensively. Planorama’s generative AI R&D team crafted advanced algorithms capable of evaluating the content and characteristics such as style, tone, frequency, geographical distribution of news content, and much more. This sophisticated analysis allows Aimee to provide a detailed comparison of local news content, offering invaluable competitive insights into the media landscape. This collaboration demonstrates Planorama’s capability to harness the latest in generative AI technology to address specific industry challenges, ensuring clients can finely tune their media strategies to gain a competitive edge.


  • MediaResearch.AI, our partnership with Seitzler Strategies for launching Aimee.

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