User Experience Design

At Planorama, our UX design is centered on application UX designs that are instantly usable. We ensure that users can intuitively onboard and engage with your product from their very first interaction, navigating a clear and uncluttered interface. Our approach not only drives user satisfaction but also supports your business objectives while accelerating your development team’s efforts.

Designed for users

In today’s digital landscape, users expect a simple, intuitive experience — no manual required. This is the case for well established features like data filtering and sorting to the latest generative AI based features like retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), unstructured data extraction, and AI-augmented dashboards. Our goal is for users to achieve their objectives effortlessly. If they can use your product without thinking how the interface works, then we’ve succeeded in our UX design. We employ modern design practices and tools to create these seamless experiences, ensuring every interaction feels natural and straightforward.

Planorama addresses the following areas when designing your software product:

User Research and Personas

User Journeys and Workflows

Information Architecture

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

AI Based Feature Design

Usability Testing

Interactive Prototypes

Designed for your engineering team

Planorama creates high-fidelity designs that your developers can directly translate into the final application. Our designs detail all user paths, including exceptions, with precise specifications for sizing, layout, fonts, colors, and graphics. This thorough documentation ensures that your development team has everything they need to accurately implement the screen designs for mobile and web applications - quickly and efficiently.

Coupled with our Dev-Ready Product Documentation, we provide your product team with detailed functionality blueprints, enabling efficient and error-free development from the start.

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