User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) design defines the interaction and visual requirements for your product, ensuring your users can intuitively engage with your product. At Planorama, our design approach serves not only your users, but supports your business and accelerates your development team.

Designed for Users

Today’s users demand a simple and intuitive experience with your application – no manual required. When your users don’t need to think about the user interface in your product, and instead can just accomplish their objectives with ease, we’ve done our job.

Using modern design practices and tools, we address the following areas when designing your software product:

User Research and Personas

User Journeys and Workflows

Information Architecture

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Motion Design

Usability Testing

Interactive Prototypes

Designed for Business Goals

Your business has customer acquisition, retention, revenue, cost, and delivery goals to name a few. “Great can be the enemy of good enough”, and in design, we work collaboratively to ensure “great” doesn’t topple over a business objective.

Designed for Your Dev Team

In the 1980’s, WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") was the popular acronym for word processors that printed documents identical to how they looked on the screen. We follow the same principle, creating high-fidelity designs that look exactly as they should in your final application.

Our inspectible screen designs cover all the user paths in your application, including exception cases. Details concerning sizing, layout & placement, fonts, colors, and graphics are all there - everything frontend developers need to recreate the UI/UX designs in code.

Coupled with our Dev-Ready Product Documentation, your product team will have all your application’s functionality documented in detail.

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