About Planorama

Planorama Design is a U.S.-based design firm at the forefront of human-centered design for consumer and enterprise applications. With an extensive background in design, engineering, and AI, we leverage emerging technologies to design features and capabilities that seamlessly integrate into your software and hardware (IoT) solutions. Our expertise unlocks new value propositions and helps you differentiate your products in the market, all while accelerating your development process and reducing internal costs.

Our Leadership Team

Matt Genovese
Founder and CEO

Computer and Electrical Engineer with a 27 year product development career in high-tech, spanning semiconductors, hardware, IoT, IT and enterprise solutions. Relentless focus on solving real problems and de-risking project success. Read more ≫

Hugo Tognolo
Director of User Experience Design Practice

Seasoned leader of enterprise software product design teams for multi-million dollar projects, with industry experience spanning crypto, insure-tech, oil & gas, retail petroleum, cybersecurity, and online learning verticals.

Cristian Souza da Silva
Director of UX Research

Seasoned design team leader and mentor, leading enterprise product research through discovery, prototyping, and final delivery including detailed user stories for smooth development team hand-off.

Thiago Candido
Director of AI Research & Development

Both a seasoned AI leader and professor, he has well over a decade of hands-on experience in the technology sector spanning software development and machine learning consultation for startups and enterprises companies.

Jim Brewer
Business Development and Account Management

M.S. Chemical Engineer with 30 years in semiconductor and systems technologies, leading the management of key accounts. Several patents awarded in both semiconductor fabrication and mobile payments processing.

Our Values

  1. PARTNERSHIP:  We work as one team.
  2. LONG GAME:  When you succeed, so do we.
  3. TRANSPARENCY:  No hidden agendas, and we’ll always give it to you straight.
  4. EMPATHY:  Software is made for people.  We care about personal connection and the backstory.
  5. HUMILITY:  We are both confident and anti-elite.  We dig in together and see each day as an opportunity to learn and improve.
  6. AGILE:  We adapt quickly to change, and focus on delivery towards the goals we collectively establish.

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