About Planorama

Planorama Design is an Austin, Texas-based professional services company, virtually officed.  We design intuitive products for your customers and accelerate your software development process so you can deliver your products faster while saving internal development costs.

Our Leadership Team

Matt Genovese
Founder and CEO

B.S Computer Engineer & M.S. Electrical Engineer with 25 years in high-tech, spanning semiconductors, hardware, IoT, IT and software product development.

Hugo Tognolo
Director of User Experience Design Practice

Seasoned leader of design teams for enterprise software projects, spanning across crypto, insure-tech, oil & gas, cybersecurity, online learning verticals.

Cristian Souza da Silva
UX Research and Design Lead

Design team lead for digital product research and creation, from discovery, to final design and requirements documentation and client development team hand-off.

Jim Brewer
Business Development and Account Management

M.S. Chemical Engineer with 30 years in semiconductor and systems technologies, leading the management of key accounts.

Our Values

  1. PARTNERSHIP:  We work as one team.
  2. LONG GAME:  When you succeed, so do we.
  3. TRANSPARENCY:  No hidden agendas, and we’ll always give it to you straight.
  4. EMPATHY:  Software is made for people.  We care about personal connection and the backstory.
  5. HUMILITY:  We are both confident and anti-elite.  We dig in together and see each day as an opportunity to learn and improve.
  6. AGILE:  We adapt quickly to change, and focus on delivery towards the goals we collectively establish.

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