Technical Product Strategist

Contractor | USA, Canada, South America | 100% Remote

Planorama is looking for someone who can work with our clients to bring their product vision to life through proactive guidance and planning.  You will shape and communicate the product strategy for software design projects by translating complex concepts to our (sometimes non-technical) clients, helping them refine and prioritize product needs, and mapping out the solution’s requirements for our design team.

In this role, you will become an integral member of one or more Planorama agile design teams, and work with our US-based clients directly.  Having a natural curiosity, a drive to build great SaaS and enterprise products, and a technical background to understand the implications of design decisions are all necessary.  As we are a distributed team, you will need to self-manage your activities and communicate with the team daily and the client regularly.  Being a constant self-educator is essential, so advanced degrees are not required for this role. Your technical experience and abilities to stay organized and communicate are more important.

As a Technical Product Strategist, you will…

  • Work with the Director of Product Strategy to understand the way we do things, how we approach our clients’ product needs, and how we structure projects.
  • Ask a lot of questions to figure out the underlying needs and goals of the client, and proactively make recommendations.
  • Leverage your technical background and exposure to modern software architecture to give the client a holistic view of desired features, including implied requirements on administration or technical feasibility.
  • Work with our clients to set priorities, and in collaboration with the UX design team lead, map out a scope of features to be designed in a given phase of work.
  • Gently push back if someone suggests something that may not be a good idea, offering alternate approaches that could be easier or better.
  • Document requirements as initial user stories that the UX design team can use to guide the creation of the necessary features.
  • Propose proof of concepts (POCs) for the client’s development team to build when desired software features may need to be evaluated first.
  • Review the UX design team’s work to give feedback and answer questions to ensure the product vision and scope is maintained.
  • Work with the UX design team and leadership to improve what we do, streamline our processes, and implement new tools.

You’re our next Technical Product Strategist if you have…

  • Written and spoken fluency in English.  If English is your second language: As we and our clients speak in English, and our documentation is written in English, fluency is a must.  (Note:  Your English doesn’t need to be perfect, but day-to-day / professional communication shouldn’t be a problem.)
  • Experience with modern SaaS concepts for solving common problems in software applications, such as roles & permissions, multi-tenancy, and configuring data access.
  • Excellent background with databases and software development (nice to have: devops), with the ability to understand how features would be implemented so you can weigh relative complexity of the client’s needs.
  • The ability to envision the big picture, and break down big ideas into a plan of action, in collaboration with the UX design team lead.
  • Experience with agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.
  • Discipline to work remotely for assigned hours per month, and remain engaged with the client and UX design team on a weekly basis.

You may find this role a great fit if you worked as one of these:

  • Senior product manager or technical product manager
  • Senior software engineer
  • Software architect
  • Solution architect

Note:  It is not necessary to have held any of these roles previously, but there is significant overlap with these and our desired skillsets. No software development will be required in our role.

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