Case StudyRevamping retail fuel operations with a cohesive enterprise SaaS

Planorama Design standardized multiple software applications to create a unified SaaS platform, complete with an integrated administrative and data analytics backend, boosting operational efficiency in the retail petroleum sector.

Unifying a diverse software portfolio for streamlined administration

Acquiring multiple enterprise software products often leads to the challenging task of merging their administrative backends. Recognizing this complexity, the team at Planorama Design engaged closely with the client to apply industry-leading SaaS management practices. We effectively consolidated diverse software platforms into a single, robust administrative interface, drive streamlined essential operations such as onboarding, tenancy management, and data access, contributing to the overall efficiency of the client’s operations.

Empowering customer convenience

By simplifying the SaaS administration interface, both in-house administrators and customers now can self-manage many aspects of their operations using intuitive workflows. From onboarding users to managing relationships and access with Authorized Service Providers (ASPs), our client’s customers have experienced increased their self-reliance, leading to a significant reduction in our client’s support costs.

Dev-ready user stories and test documentation accelerate time to market

Releasing features to market efficiently and meeting business deadlines is vital in this competitive space. Planorama’s team provides software requirements as detailed user stories, complemented by high-fidelity UI/UX designs, giving the client a comprehensive set of dev-ready product specs. Combined with our detailed test case documentation, we accelerated the entire flow from development to test cycles to accelerate the release of new capabilities to market.

Consistent brand presence and reuse in mind

Our client was challenged with a legacy of various internal development teams designing their own styling, resulting in an inconsistent, pieced-together look-and-feel that instilled confusion across their SaaS suite customers.

As we engaged, we documented a library of reusable components and overall aesthetic in a software style guide, ensuring a professional and consistent look throughout the user interface, from brand to each component. Every product team can leverage the styling to ensure a unified, cohesive customer experience across their product suite while accelerating frontend implementation.

Impactful transformation in retail petroleum

Our engagement with the client, that transformed the method of collating software requirements and delivering high-precision UX/UI designs, has set a new benchmark in the retail petroleum & convenience store sector. By providing our client with comprehensive and clear-cut requirements, designs, and documentation, Planorama Design has empowered their development and QA teams to significantly accelerate the product development cycle.

As a result, our client has enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved user experience across their platforms. Planorama Design is proud to have played a pivotal role to devise software solutions that deliver real business impact.

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