Case StudyReal-time robot management in the agricultural industry

As robotics disrupt the ag industry, Planorama helps simplify workflows for farm robot operators managing multiple fields at once.

Transforming a debug interface into an operator dashboard

This client’s initial software application was designed by their engineers to be used for their own debug. Planorama was tasked to design a user interface that enabled operators on site at farms to manage weeding many fields at once. We focused strictly on the features required for bring-up and in progress workflows, removing legacy engineering features that were irrelevant to operators. Well designed information packed dashboards with real-time video feeds and map views enabled operators to manage by exception instead of being flooded with irrelevant details.

Our team know IoT and real-time applications

Real-time control systems require an understanding of motors, sensors, embedded controllers, asynchronous communication, connectivity loss, and more. Planorama designers are deeply experienced, many with backgrounds in engineering. Our designers, using their engineering know-how, engaged with our client’s team, parsing out the unique and technical needs of this solution. We collaborated to design both the best case and exception recovery workflows to enable operators to take safe, appropriate action in all viable exception situations.


Transforming the client’s initial debug interface into a user-centric dashboard resulted in significantly enhanced agricultural operations for our client’s customers. The new design enabled farm operators to manage multiple fields concurrently, focusing on exceptions instead of sifting through redundant details. This efficient management approach led to improved decision-making and more precise, timely responses to exception situations.

Incorporating Planorama’s expertise in real-time control systems, the refined user interface empowered operators to navigate efficiently, even during unforeseen circumstances – ultimately reducing costly downtime and potential damage. Loaded with pertinent, real-time data, the upgraded dashboard boosted operator productivity and effectiveness, thereby tangibly improving the client’s operational efficiency and bottom line.

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