Case StudyConvenience Store Management

High-fidelity design prototype for internal funding

Business Issue

A leader in the retail store management space for convenience stores and restaurants built their flagship web application solution from the ground up over the past decade. Though achieving great success with usage throughout their stores, their solution was in need of modernization, both in terms of the user interface and the underlying technology stack. The first step in product modernization focused on a brand new mobile application that serves convenience store management, enabling owners and managers to review high-level store stats at-a-glance, and quickly make requests to service providers. This new foray into the mobile space will trail-blaze the path for overall modernization of their existing web application solution.


Planorama worked with the customer to create a solid product plan! We met with the client’s product lead, and together decided to focus on a rapid design prototype to both gain internal stakeholder support, and solicit feedback from convenience store owners before development. The Planorama team took time to discuss which high-level features have been requested, and the existing workflows which could be optimized for store managers and owners. After coming to agreement on the feature scope and priorities in a feature map, the Planorama team iterated quickly to build and review potential UI/UX design concepts with the client. Within a few meetings, the team had created and delivered the complete interactive prototype, accessible both on mobile phones or via any web browser.


By executing a plan that focused on design first via a rapid prototype, our client saved months of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars from otherwise building a minimum viable product (MVP). The client showcased the prototype to their own employees at a company-wide conference to communicate the vision and roadmap for their flagship product suite. And after reviewing the prototype with multiple store owners, the feedback received resulted in a mobile application that their customers are already excited to use.

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