Case StudyAccelerate app releases by merging generative AI and user-centric design

Sinfonia blends generative AI and user-centric design to streamline workflows and accelerate product development.

Meet Sinfonia, your “Virtual Product Assistant” providing contextual team support

Sinfonia is ground-breaking in its use of AI and LLM capabilities to create your “virtual product assistant”. Planorama Design’s deep understanding of the dynamics within software development teams enabled us to create this pivotal capability. By autonomously answering routine queries related to product requirements, our AI-powered virtual assistant provides immediate, context-specific support while reducing the workload on product managers. 

Our user-centric UX design know-how enabled us to design this interaction as naturally and intuitively as possible.  Planorama has ensured that the assistant is not just a tool, but a seamless extension of the product development team. Sinfonia uses AI to enhance team efficiency and collaboration, demonstrating Planorama Design’s commitment to creating solutions that are both technologically advanced and deeply grounded in solving user problems.

AI tailored to enhance product team workflows

AI isn’t integrated into a solution by sprinkling in a few new features for their own sake.  Planorama Design leveraged their extensive UX research and deep technical knowledge of AI and LLMs to meet the specialized needs of product development teams. Our discussions with product managers, developers, designers, and QA engineers realized a substantial benefit from a single source of truth for product requirements shared amongst team members.

Planorama interviewed product SME’s to gain valuable insights into common workflows and the challenges that come when managing product requirements. The Sinfonia UX/UI design is user centric with stepwise interactions that do not overwhelm users with discordant AI-generated information. Instead, Sinfonia presents relevant and reviewable information that aligns with their existing flows. 

Planorama’s focus on marrying usability with generative AI created a platform that not only accelerates productivity but also seamlessly integrates into the existing processes of software development professionals.

FlashQuery AI Engine brings AI into your life

At the heart of Sinfonia’s functionality is the FlashQuery AI Engine, a pivotal integration of Planorama-developed IP demonstrating our expertise in blending generative AI with UX, user experience. Planorama recognized the difficulty and risks of integrating all AI tasks in a single application. The FlashQuery AI Engine ingeniously connects various information sources and AI capabilities that are within and external to Sinfonia. 

FlashQuery acts as a dynamic bridge, pulling in and managing essential data from scattered documents, sites, and files. This integration of disparate elements transforms Sinfonia into a versatile hub, where information is not just centralized but made intelligible through an AI driven natural language processing interface. The Virtual Product Assistant utilizes this vast pool of data to provide precise, context-relevant responses and insights as you develop the map of your features and priorities.. 

This approach reflects our deep understanding of product team dynamics, ensuring Sinfonia enhances workflow efficiency without disrupting existing documentation ecosystems.

Impact: Accelerating Productivity and Team Synergy

Sinfonia, created initially by Planorama Design for our internal use, stands as a testament to our belief in the power of well-organized software product requirements. Serving as a cornerstone for our own client engagements, it embodies our conviction that well-defined requirements accelerate products to market.  

In addition to creating high quality requirements, the adoption of Sinfonia by multiple teams has led to significant enhancements in productivity and team collaboration. Users report accelerated development cycles and improved synergy between all stakeholder groups, a direct result of Sinfonia’s intuitive AI-enhanced workflows. 

Planorama Design’s is dedicated to pioneering solutions that align with real-world workflows, combining our expertise in AI with a profound understanding of user needs.  Using Sinfonia will help you determine and manage features quickly while enabling the team collaboration, all with the assistance of AI enhanced decision making.

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